Beginner Practice

If you are new to yoga this is the perfect section for you. We have several articles that cover the health benefits of practicing yoga as well as beginner poses and even routines that you can follow. If you are new to yoga, read more….

3 Amazing Beginner Yoga Poses

Starting a personal yoga practice is one of the greatest steps you can take in life to advance yourself personally and spiritually, and in this article I am going to get you [...]

Yoga To Ease Back Pain

The human back consists of muscles, nerves, bones, as well as soft body tissues. It is a vital part of our body, as it is the frame which supports our entire body. The [...]

What Is Yin Yoga?

If you’re like me, you want simple answers to your questions. I don’t want to ask the same question twice because somebody did a political dance to avoid hurting [...]

Beginner Yoga Routine

Beginner Yoga Routine These positions and exercises are for a good starting point for a beginner yoga routine. Mountain Pose –          Procedure: Stand tall [...]