Yoga To Ease Back Pain

yoga to ease backpain

The human back consists of muscles, nerves, bones, as well as soft body tissues. It is a vital part of our body, as it is the frame which supports our entire body. The muscles of our back work in coordination with the muscles of our stomach, and help us with our movement and maintaining posture.

We live in an age which compels us to lead a hectic and stressful life. Due to this, we often end up exerting or overusing our back muscles. As a result of which, we begin to suffer from discomfort due to pain in the back. This makes it very difficult for us to do our daily chores and our everyday life is affected. Usually you will experience stiffness, pain, spasms, numbness or pain in your leg.

The intensity of the pain too varies with the severity. According to the medical practitioners from United States, the number of incidents of back pain exceeds all other ailments in the US. But the good thing is that there are numerous ways and medications available for the treatment of severe back pain. But the fact is that people are beginning to use yoga to ease back pain.

Until recent times the basic procedure for treatment of severe back pain was proper rest and swallowing a couple of painkillers. But presently the physicians are motivating the patients to try to indulge in physical activities such as yoga to curb the pain and ease it. Research has proved that yoga is the most efficient means to cure the body pain.

Initially it was considered to be only a spiritual discipline, however seeing its far reaching curing properties, it has been included as part of the fitness regimens in numerous gyms and health centers around the globe. Besides easing back pain, research has also revealed that yoga is detrimental in making the bones and muscles strong, and lowering the stress levels as well as helping the body to relax after a gruesome & hectic schedule. Yoga focuses on enhancing the strength, resistance and flexibility of your body, and lowers muscle and joint pains.

Yoga also has numerous other advantages:

It makes our muscles stronger and builds our stamina.

It helps in developing abdomen muscles, and enhances the strength of our arms and legs.

It helps to ease the stress.

It helps us to have a straight and correct posture.

It is an excellent warm up option for athletes and sportspersons.

It enhances the performance of an individual.

But all the postures of yoga are not useful in easing back pain. In case you have hurt your back then you need to indulge in exercises which are slow paced, and do not need to make you stretch yourself beyond a point. A couple of postures in yoga might make your pain worst and eventually injure your back even more.

Viniyoga is a part of yoga which focuses on precise deep breathing coupled with slow stretching. Besides this there is yet another form of yoga known as Iyengar Yoga, and this emphasizes on proper alignment of the body. This form of yoga makes use of various props such as straps, blocks, blankets and other similar tools. This form of yoga is suitable for people who are nearly immobile and require assistance.

If you wish to begin a routine of physical exercises such as yoga then you should discuss the same with your physician or a health professional and then enroll for a class in yoga. In case you have injured your wrist, back or ankle then you may be unable to perform some exercises. You should perform every posture and position with caution to ensure that you do not injure yourself. Lack of focus also leads to injury. Being in a hurry and rushing into one posture after another will also lead to injury.

People often have complains of soreness and exertion during the initial stages of yoga. However with regular practice these symptoms reduce and finally end completely. You can make your body strong and enhance your health with yoga.

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