5 Yoga Poses For Women

yoga poses for women

It is obvious that most women love yoga because it makes them more flexible and sexier. It also helps them manage their weight, relieve stress and increase fertility. If you are yet to start a yoga routine, now would be the time. However, before you hit the yoga academy, you have to be aware of some of the moves that are most beneficial to women. You can even practice them at home or at a yoga retreat before making it a daily routine. Below are 5 yoga poses for women:

Child’s pose – This is the most basic and common yoga pose in the world. It is highly effective in stretching your quads, back and hips. To get to this position, kneel down with your big toes touching keeping the knees a few inches apart. Seat on the knees, put the torso between your thighs and bring the forehead to the mat. Extend the arms forward with the palms on the floor and stay there for a minute.

Warrior II – While standing, take a step forward of about one meter. Turn the left foot about 30 degrees and the right foot’s toes pointing the front of the mat. Raise both arms parallel to the floor about shoulder height. Face the palms down and bend the right knee such that your right shin and the right knee form a right angle. This pose will tone your core, legs and arms.

Downward-facing dog – This pose will stretch your spine, glutes, hamstrings and calves. It will strengthen your triceps and deltoids. Begin on all fours with the knees and feet hip-width apart. Place the hands shoulder width apart as you spread your fingers. Straighten the legs as you lift the knees of the floor. Walk your feet back a few inches and your hands in front a few inches.

Boat pose – This pose strengthens your quadriceps and core. Sit with the knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Slightly lean back to balance on your sit bones then engage your core and begin to straighten the legs.

Plank pose – This pose will strengthen your back, core, arms, shoulders and quadriceps. Start while lying flat on the floor with your stomach feet together, bring your arms back to the sides of your chest. Engage the core and slowly lift off from the ground such that you are in a push-up position. Continue to go up until the arms are completely stretched of the ground.

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